Principal's Message

The relationship between the school, the home, and the Parish has been a foundation for success for over 100 years.

Welcome to St. Ignatius School, 

Our Front entrance has a new look. The school logo and mission statement that are proudly displayed are the result of a joint initiative between the St. Ignatius School Board and SISPAC. This project is meant to enhance our school identity and pride as key a step in the School Board’s strategic plan.  One pillar of the plan is to enhance the school identity and marketing within the community. Strides have been made with respect to the development of the Parish and school logo, enhancing the website and providing additional advertising and marketing material for the annual open house. Over the past year, the idea of capturing and communicating who we as a community has been the focus of discussion.  

The school logo captures the essence of St. Ignatius and the community we belong to. The symbolism of our logo captures the essence of the rich history of St. Ignatius School. The school was founded by the Jesuits as well as the Sisters of the Holy Names. On the logo, the roses that wrap themselves around the cross represent Mother Marie Rose who founded the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.  The sun's rays represents the Jesuit order's symbol. Finally, the steeple on the logo represents a unique feature of our building. The steeple was saved from the Fire in 2008. 

The School Board and SISPAC collaborated to fund a custom made 3D version of our school logo.  Additionally, on the same wall in the front lobby, in vinyl lettering, the mission statement of the school in vinyl stenciling will emphasize what we all strive for: Our Mission is to provide quality spiritual and academic growth based on the principle that every child is created in the image of God. 

Thank you to the Board and SISPAC for all your efforts and to all the families who donate time, funds, and energy in the variety of sales throughout the year(s).  Your efforts are inspiring and help us become a better school and community.  This initiative will assist in capturing who we are while providing the opportunity to be our reminder as well as share our spirit with all those that enter.  

This year, the staff and students are excited to have a new mascot. We are officially the St. Ignatius Lions! Our gym will be getting an amazing new look and a new projector that will double as a scoreboard. The Lions will Lead the Way!

 I would like to welcome Mr. Ryan Plett and Mr. Giovanni Verrelli to our staff. Mr. Plett will be teaching grade 7 and Mr. Verrelli is our new physed specialist. 

As we begin the 2018-2019 school year, I would like to welcome all of the staff, students and their families back. Together, I know we can have another amazing year. 

Jeannine Pistawka

St. Ignatius School Principal