Pastor's Message

St. Ignatius School is a ministry of St. Ignatius Parish in Winnipeg.

Shortly after the Society of Jesuit (Jesuits) was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola more than 400 years ago, education became an important ministry for the Order. Jesuit schools sprang up almost immediately and over the centuries multitudes of schools have taken different forms throughout the world in response to the needs of the Church in different locales. St. Ignatius School is a Jesuit elementary school in Winnipeg. It has been a ministry of St. Ignatius Parish to the children of its families for over a hundred years. St. Ignatius School fosters in its students all the characteristics of an Ignatian school, namely, to be open to growth, flexible and adaptable, to be loving individuals, to be intellectually competent, to be religious, and to be committed to justice. Care of the individual student is tantamount. 

I am proud of the entire staff and the administration of our school. 

My prayers and wishes for them is to be joy filled in their mission to our students. 

Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, s.j. 

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